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Hi everyone!

I'm Jason, founder of AdSlicer.

Untracked sales

As you know, since Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, some of Meta’s ad reporting capabilities have been severely limited especially when it comes to tracking web conversion events. Both ecommerce business owners and advertisers have felt completely blind when looking at their Meta ad results. Meta either under-reports or over-reports on sales, and the sales numbers hardly match those seen in Shopify. The numbers just don’t add up!

Wasted ad spend

Nevertheless, advertisers continue to spend their hard-earned revenue back into Meta ads in the hope that things will get better. And to be honest, some days they are better, but most days they aren’t.

Gain visibility

That’s why we created AdSlicer, to give you visibility on how your ecommerce Meta ads are really performing. We’ve worked with ecommerce brands and we know how frightening it is to be spending thousands a day on ads, but only seeing a fraction of the sales being tracked in Meta’s ads manager. You need real-time visibility on your Meta ads to be able to scale ad spend with confidence. Only relying on the data seen in Meta’s ad manager is simply too risky to your business.

Realistic ad results

AdSlicer streams data in from both Shopify and Meta to give you a real-time comparison. We compare the sales tracked by Meta with the sales tracked by Shopify to give you a more accurate view of your Meta ad results.

My hope is that AdSlicer gives you more confidence in your Meta ad results.


Blended Meta ad results

We all know that Meta’s ad results don't always agree with actual Shopify sales numbers. Meta either under-reports or over-reports on sales, which leaves you extremely confused on what your real ad results are.

Now you can get the best of both worlds by blending your Meta ad results with your actual Shopify sales to uncover untracked sales and revenue, while protecting against over-reporting. This gives you a more realistic overview of your Meta ad results.

Daily sales attribution breakdown

When looking at your sales data, it’s difficult to trust only Shopify or only Meta to attribute your sales to the right channel.

Now you can keep both platforms honest by comparing their tracked sales on a daily basis to ensure accurate reporting. This gives you the confidence that your Meta ad results make sense.

Real-time reporting

It takes, what feels like, forever to manually keep track of your sales one by one between Meta’s ads manager and Shopify. This becomes completely unmanageable as your store grows beyond 20+ sales per day.

Now you can compare your results in near real-time, within 5 minutes of a sale, without ever manually tracking a sale. Your Shopify sales will reflect instantly and your Meta ad results will update every 5 minutes. This gives you faster insights about the performance of your Meta ads.

No-code setup

We’re not all coders, so we won’t ask you to edit your Shopify theme.

Now you can start using AdSlicer by just authorising our official Shopify app.

Feature highlights

  • Meta sales dashboard
    • Blended ad results (i.e., Revenue, ROAS, CPP, AOV, etc.)
    • Sanity check results (compare Shopify vs Meta)
    • Avoid over/under reporting
    • Daily sales attribution breakdown
  • Real-time reporting
    • Real-time Facebook reporting (within 5 minutes of a sale)
    • Instant Shopify reporting (as orders happen)
  • Generous tracking limits
    • Unlimited ad spend tracking
    • 1 free Facebook ad account
    • 1 free Shopify shop
  • No-code setup
    • One-click Facebook setup
    • One-click Shopify setup

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does AdSlicer solve the mismatch of purchases between Meta Ads Manager and Shopify orders?

Yes, that’s AdSlicer’s main purpose. AdSlicer shows you when Meta is over-reporting or under-reporting on your ad results.

I already use a different ad tracking tool, can I still use AdSlicer?

Yes, AdSlicer can run alongside your current ad tracking tool without interfering with your results.

Does AdSlicer require me to use specific UTM parameters in my ads?

Yes, but if you’re already using a different ad tracking tool then you won’t need to change your UTM parameters. AdSlicer can work with your current UTM parameters.

Can you install AdSlicer for me?

Sure, I'd be happy to install AdSlicer for you (for free). Just send me an email: