What's the Point?

Pull in a form from a CPA offer or Affiliate page to easily create incentivized offers.

Or, simply create iframes in seconds to be used in any web page or pop-up window.

Ad Rotator

Create unlimited projects - use the built-in Ad-Rotator. AdSlicer will rotate your sliced content on every page load so you can split test your offers.

Let's see an Example of what we can do with AdSlicer - Click Here!

In this example, I used AdSlicer to click and drag just around the email form in the ugly page (as seen below, on left). I then built an incentivized page (as seen below, on right) and copy/pasted the AdSlicer embed code where I wanted the CPA form to show up.

Now, when a user fills out the CPA form on my page, I earn my CPA rewards just as I would have had I sent the customer directly to the ugly page, but my nice-looking incentivized offer gets dramatically higher conversions!

After filling out the form, the user is redirected to any web page of my choosing (my personal thank you page, for example with more details about the incentive). Redirects can be setup easily right inside your AdSlicer settings area.

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